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Falling Petals (Princess Tutu)

Fandom: Princess Tutu
Title: Falling Petals
Author/Artist: Lucky_Ladybug/insaneladybug
Theme(s): #7 - Flowers
Characters: Autor and Ahiru
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Death, a dead body, grieving
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed): The characters are not mine and the story is!
Summary (if needed): She was like a flower in many ways. Thanks to Kaze for plot help!

She was so delicate, so lightweight in his arms—almost like a flower.

Flowers were things of beauty, and the comparison continued to show clearly in her white skin and long red hair. Her blue eyes too, although now he could not see them. Their light had been extinguished.

Just looking at her, it was hard to realize that this was the same determined girl who had possessed a strength and a fire that had saved them and sustained her countless times. Now, all strength and fire had left her small body. She was helpless and still, only moving if he shifted position and caused her to stir also.

He held her close to his heart, trembling as a sob choked free from his lips. He was unable to stop the heartbroken tears that followed.

“Don’t leave us,” he pleaded. “Don’t leave me. Ahiru, I . . . I can’t bear to think of you being . . . absent. We still need you and want you with us. And you have so much life left to live. How can you go now?”

But there was no answer to his sorrowful imploring. And deep down, he knew there never could be, except on a plane where he could not hear.

She was like a flower in other ways.

Flowers delighted and touched people’s hearts, brightening their lives for a short while. Then all too soon they began to wilt. Petals fell from their fragile forms, lifeless as they fluttered to the ground. Some remained, crinkling and darkening with the dying flower.

He wrapped his arms tighter around the limp girl. She was not a flower that one watched over a period of days as its life began to ebb. She was a flower that had been needlessly and brutally treaded upon—its existence cut far shorter than it had been supposed to be.

His best friend had been with him, and then so suddenly, she was gone.


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Feb. 6th, 2011 07:49 am (UTC)
This is so saaad! I love all the comparisons to the flowers. I think they came out really well, especially the ones at the end. And Autor's words to Ahiru are just so heartbreaking. ;___; **hugs him!**
Feb. 6th, 2011 08:17 am (UTC)
Thanks! Yeah, this piece is just so heartbreaking. Autor is absolutely devastated.

I really like how the flower comparisons came together. The one at the end is so haunting.
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