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This is a friendly, low pressure multi-fandom community for writers and fan-artists to develop their writing and/or drawing skills. This community was inspired by the 30_kisses, 30_romances, 30_cracks, and 30_lemons communities.

1. Regret
2. Passion
3. Nighttime
4. Jewel
5. Betrayal
6. Innocence
7. Flowers
8. Fear
9. Honor
10. Suicide
11. Illusion
12. Fate
13. Lies
14. Lust
15. Apathy
16. Envy
17. Redemption
18. Pity
19. Sharp
20. Memory
21. Cold
22. Resemblance
23. Solitude
24. Weakness
25. Blood
26. Fire
27. Tight
28. Beauty
29. Teacher
30. Goodbye

You can do all 35, or use these last 5 in substitution for 5 of the other themes.

31. Vampire (alternatively: Bloodlust)
32. Cell Phone (alternatively: Computer)
33. Mother (alternatively: Father)
34. Judgement (alternatively: Accusation)
35. Hair (alternatively: Skin)

~ You can use your character however you want in your artworks. They can be the one killed, the one doing the killing, and/or they may witness the death. However, they have to play an integral part in the story.

~ Similar to most of the 30_themes communities above, you do not have to follow the themes in any order. Just do it as inspiration hits. Also, you may interpret the theme however you see fit.

~ You can use work that you've already done and made public, but don't do this too often, because it defeats the whole purpose. This community is for creating new things, yes?

~ All ratings are welcome here! HOWEVER, anything of an R or higher rating ABSOLUTELY MUST be put behind an LJ-cut and clearly marked as such in front of the LJ-cut!

~ Plagiarism will absolutely not be tolerated and will result in your removal from the community. Be original.

~ Feedback is wonderful, but it should always be constructive! We're here to help and encourage each other! Flaming is not allowed and will be frowned upon.

NEW RULE: In light of recent changes in Live Journal's TOS and interpretations of such, we must require you to put any fics containing incest, underage sexual relations, or rape in a friends locked post. These subjects are allowed, but must be locked to protect the community from the rash of censorship and thought policing.

Template for Posting

For the subject line:

SAMPLE: #1 "This is a Sample Fic Title" (Orochimaru, Naruto)

For the Story:

Theme(s): (include the # number and full theme)
Characters: (include your claimed character and any that play a main role in the piece)
Disclaimer/claimer (if needed):
Summary (if needed):

Tags: Insert fandom name

(picture/fiction behind an lj-cut or linked to your journal/webspace etc.)

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There will be no further claims. If you have a current claim, you can finish it at your leisure. Or not. This community is open now.

If you would like to write a fic for this community, just feel free to do so. Post it with the usual posting format. Above all, TAG YOUR POSTS (notify me if there is trouble with this).

When you have completed 30-35 fics, you can still comment in the finished post. Your work will be put in the Hall of Fame and you will receive a banner if you so choose.
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